Birds of Venezuela CD-ROM (Windows) useita tunteja ääniä (tietokoneelle)

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Birds of Venezuela CD-ROM (Windows) useita tunteja ääniä (tietokoneelle)
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In 1999, Bird Songs International proudly presented its third CD-ROM: "Birds of Venezuela / Aves de Venezuela", by Peter Boesman. This revolutionary CD-ROM contained 700 photographs, almost 1300 sound recordings (more than 7.5 hours!), and a complete set of distribution maps of 878 bird species. Everything presented in an extremely user-friendly format: any sound recording, any photo is seconds away, accessible by just a few keyclicks! Please read the reviews!


Contained photos and/or sounds of 10 species of Tinamous, 42 Hawks and Falcons, 11 Guans & Curassows, 31 Parrots, 24 nightbirds, 40 Hummingbirds, 13 Toucans, 57 Ovenbirds and Woodcreepers, 65 Antbirds, 122 Flycatchers and many mor