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Väli- ja eteläamerikkalaisista linnuista olevat äänitteet

Voices of the Costa Rican Birds, Caribbean Slope
This 2CD set features vocalisations of over 220 species found in the lowland to middle elevations of Costa Rica, including several which are the only known recordings in... 
26,00 €
Costa Rican Bird Song sampler
This compact disc of recordings from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology's Macaulay Library features 184 Costa Rican birds. The recordings are presented within the... 
29,00 €
Birds of Brazil MP3 (10 h ja yli 1000 lajia); Boesman
-MP3 äänite Brasilian linnuista

-soittoaika yli 10 h
-yli 1000 lajia... 
65,00 €
Birds of Mexico MP3 (6 h ja yli 650 lajia); Boesman
-MP3 äänite Meksikon linnuista

-soittoaika yli 6 h
-yli 650 lajia... 
65,00 €
Birds of Venezuela MP3 (8 h ja yli 950 lajia); Boesman
-MP3 äänite Venezuelan linnuista

-soittoaika 8 h
-yli 950 lajia... 
65,00 €