Arctic Pearl Wrangel Island ( Gorshkov, Sergey 2016 )

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Arctic Pearl Wrangel Island ( Gorshkov, Sergey 2016 )
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This book takes you to a unique place, to Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean. It describes the discovery and history of the island and invites to follow the life of this Arctic Pearl's present dwellers. Main characters are animals of the northern nature: polar bears, Arctic foxes, snowy owls, walruses and snow geese. While telling about the untamed arctic nature, the images also stop one to consider about fragile ecological balance and how important it is to save it. The book is part of Sergey Gorshkov's, the most well known Russian nature photographer, ambitious photographic journey through the Russian polar region. His goal is to photograph Russian Arctic, its islands, seas, and coasts from east to west. The journey began from Wrangel Island.

Kustantaja: Lumo Publishing
ISBN: 9789526849645
Kääntäjä: Autio, Paula
Sivumäärä: 157
Paino: 960 g
Sidosasu: kovakantinen
Kirjan kieli: englanti